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Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun [entries|friends|calendar]
Patchwork Dream - mercury_phoenix's "icon" journal

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Lims icons - 14 LOTR & 6 stock [28 Sep 2007|10:14pm]

These aren't all of the icons I made - a lot got deleted accidentally. Still, all of my entries are here - I was kind of losing inspiration towards the end of stock lims.

Lots of repeating images in the LOTR section; one repeating image in the stock section.  The first stock icon isn't a lims entry; it's an entry for stockicontest.

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54 various icons, 3 headers, and 5 large cloud textures [22 Aug 2007|03:05pm]

Okay, big post here! I've been saving these for an opportune moment, but since opportune moments seldom come, well...here they are!

Included herein:
16 Twiggy icons
38 Random stock icons (many variations for stockicontest, some science ones, some cute animals, a lot of flowers!)
3 stock headers
5 large cloud textures!

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40 icons - paint & hippie nonsense! =3 [16 Jul 2007|08:37pm]

These are just some icons I made on my laptop, in honour of finally getting one.  There are paint and hippie stocks, as well as Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, and Alice in Wonderland.  I'm not gonna advertist them at this time, so I guess it's kind of a thing for whoever happens upon them!

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72 stock_lims icons! [04 Jul 2007|11:18am]


Got the boot (finally) at stock_lims, so here are all the icons I made as trials for that. Some of them kind of suck, but I wanted to post them all for officialities sake. Also, some have been posted before.

Also, make sure to sign up for the next round of  lotr_lims!





lotr_lims  !
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24 Various stock icons [24 Jun 2007|11:36am]


The last four pictures are of my own cats! ;) 

Don't care about comments, credit, etc.
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36 music icons: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell [10 Jun 2007|12:27pm]


Originally part of a multi-fandom set (which also included the stock icons found HERE ) this kept growing as I kept finding new music pictures to add...Lots of Jimmy Page (lots of giggling Jimmy, actually, a fair bit of Robert Plant (obviously), far too much Roger Waters (including stoned Waters and crying Waters, whee...)...Actually there are probably more Joni Mitchell icons than anything...


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28 stock - rain & assorted others [10 Jun 2007|12:27pm]


Originally part of a multi-fandom set (which also included the Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Joni Mitchell icons found HERE ) this grew big enough to be a post in its own right.


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24 Colourful Stock icons (earth from space; people) - includes variations [19 May 2007|09:53am]


I was experimenting with some colourful light textures by _iconographer and these are the results.  There are some variations of a few of the icons, simply because I'm indesicive, but I promise there are no more than three copies of each!  Mostly there are just two, or even one!

PS:  I updated my icon journal layout a little while ago, if anyone is interested.  Probably not.  I'll shut up now.

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24 various stock icons (serene scenes, penguins + polar bears) [13 May 2007|12:16pm]


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24 Lost character icons [13 May 2007|12:09pm]

These are all icons that have been sitting in my album for several weeks, that I thought I may as well share. =D  These are all of, well, my favorite characters, as listed on the cut!  This was going to be a lost + stock post, but then I had enough of each to make two seperate posts, which I think is neater. 


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32 icons - stock (roads); kurt hasley art; That 70's Show [01 May 2007|08:44am]
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20 stock, 20 Pink Floyd albums/quotes [22 Apr 2007|10:35am]
Here be the icons I made for stock lims, challenges 2 and 3. They're not as simple as I usually like, but there you go. These things happen. =D Here also be some random Pink Floyd based icons, all of album art and with song quotes.


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24 - paint and books [10 Apr 2007|06:44pm]
So, some crazy guy decided it'd be fun to set my ghetto-esque school's library alight, and subsequently I had today off school.  Plenty of icon-making time.  I made 8 paint-themed stock icons to go with 8 I had made for stock_lims, and then 8 book themed icons because obviously books are on my mind!  PS: Spot the (obvious) pink floyd referance!  

PPS: most of these are on white backgrounds.


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2 music mixes, anyone? [07 Apr 2007|08:45am]

So, a friend of mine recently posted some of her favorite songs to her journal, and it made me want to do the same thing - only I've got too many favorite songs to just put in a short list! So, in an egocentric sort of way, I decided to make a "me" mix! Well, not really. These are just some of the songs from my favorite musicians that I'm always looking for an opportunity to share, but seldom get to.

Another thing that's been on my list of mixes to make for a while is a grad mix - since I'm breaking free of high school this year. I suppose the "grad"-iness of it isn't always obvious, but these are all songs that come to mind when I think of moving on! =D I was actually going to make this ages ago, but I didn't have "Clouds" and since the mixes is called "Songs to Aging Children" I couldn't very well leave that song off the mix!

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The 60's part one, and lims pimping. [20 Mar 2007|07:27pm]
LIMS pimpaging!  Join stock_lims if you like making stock icons, and wenham_lims if you like making icons, and you like David Wenham.  I'm going to keep mentioning these until the sign-ups close!

Okay, I know that everyone in the 1960's was not a hippie. Or even a mod. That's why it's part one. There will be more, someday, after I've sufficiently reminisced about my 90's childhood, which is the next decade post.

Also, Twiggy used to scare the willies out of me, but now I think she's kind of pretty for a stick insect.

So, in the post you'll find 12 stock icons (including two of twiggy, which I know aren't stock, but shhh) and 8 Beatles icons (mostly album covers) .  Because there are so few actual stock icons, I'm not advertising this until I put up my next batch of stock icons...


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24 black and white pink floyd icons [17 Mar 2007|03:34pm]
Wow, I think this is my first music post with no Led Zeppelin. I just realized I had a whole ton of PF pics on my computer that I never use...so now they've been used! These are mostly David, and Syd, and there are a fair few Roger icons in there too...(I think there is even one of Rick hiding in there...oh, and Nick!) 


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flashback to the 70s icons! [11 Mar 2007|10:19am]
Well, I started going through some of my old folders and found some That 70's Show icons I'd never posted! I weeded through them and picked out the best ones, and then made some 70s themed stock icons (read: what came up when I typed in "1970's" on the search engines) to go with them. So, 24 icons; 12 from That 70's show and 12 stock!

(I'm thinking I might do themed sets from different decades for a while now. Next up? =P see if you can guess!)  

PS:  I have no idea what #14 is, but I thought it was pretty.


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28 random icons and 8 headers [03 Mar 2007|03:08pm]
Well, while I was waiting for my computer to do something else I made these headers - or banners, or whatever. From those banners I made icons! There aren't really enough stock ones to warrent me irritating the stock icon communities, so this is unadvertised and everything. ;D

The headers include St. Pauls Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, 3 Led Zeppelin (sorely lacking in the Jonesy) and 3 from caps I took of the trailer for Across the Universe, because I'm a nerd. =P

all headers have white borders, btw.

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48 worldly stock icons [26 Feb 2007|06:22pm]
I had a lot of fun making these.   Featured here are 48 icons from around the world, featuring places from each continent (excepting antarctica, because...well, you know.)  Some continents are just represented by one city (san francisco, madrid, sydney) because I got carried away, while others are various stock images from across the continent.  Also, apparently "San Francisco" is the same thing as "the golden gate bridge"  - I do know there are other lovely parts of that city, but veer.com apparently does not. =D  The same thing happened with a certain opera house.  (And veer apparently refuses to properly recognize Ho Chi Minh City as the name of a certain vietnamese city - but it will recognize Saigon, which is not a proper place anymore. ;D wonder why?)


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16 Lord of the Rings icons [19 Feb 2007|09:30am]

(Just a small batch before I finish up my next stock post. =D Also, I have no rules; I'm a Livejournal-Anarchist!)

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